"Wish I Was In Love" Gets A New Sound
(Listen to a preview now. )

[Feb 13, 2019]

Hi - Will you be our Valentine?

We are offering up this classic SCOTS tune, “Wish I Was In Love” to make you feel something in your heart, or maybe just a tickle in your toes on Valentine's Day.

But wait… no Valentine plans this year? You can just stay home and listen to this therapeutic love song, on repeat, all night long… perhaps with a bottle of wine ? Your date may have left you high and dry but WE will always love you! 💘 (Rick , Mary and Dave).

The full song is available exclusively in the official Southern Culture On The Skids Skidmart at for the low, low price of $1.29.

And now some history from Rick...

Some of you out there might remember “Wish I Was In Love” from our album “For Lovers Only”. The version on that album was actually a demo recorded in Mary’s bedroom in Chapel Hill. We hung a mic from the ceiling fixture and hit play/rec on the cassette deck (a Tascam Porta One actually). We never expected to do much with it.

A few years later while finishing up “For Lovers Only”, we realized there was no real love song on the album — well, not in the traditional “my heart is broken” sense. Not that “Biscuit Eater” and “Daddy Was A Preacher But Mama Was A Go-Go Girl” were not full of love, but we needed something melancholy in a wishing/wistful sort of way to flesh out the album. Mary remembered "Wish I Was In Love” from a few years before and insisted I look thru the shoebox of old demo cassettes and sure enough, there it was. So it became the last song added to “For Lovers Only” in all it’s lo-fi glory.

Mary has always wanted to re-record this song and release it for Valentine's Day. We finally got around to it !! (Happy Valentine's Day to everyone in the SCOTS solar system !!!)


New Album from Southern Culture On The Skids!!

[Sept 12, 2018]

Hey, Hey y’all! We're here with the real Nitty Gritty!

SCOTS has a new album called Bootleggers Choice and it is definitely “top shelf" from start to finish! This tasty concoction consists of seventeen of the band's most requested songs from their two major label releases Dirt Track Date and Plastic Seat Sweat, sixteen — count ‘em 16 — brand new recordings plus a remastered version of “Camel Walk” from the 1991 EP Santo Sings.

Track Listing:

  1. Earthmover
  2. Voodoo Cadillac
  3. House of Bamboo
  4. Eight Piece Box
  5. Camel Walk
  6. Fried Chicken & Gasoline
  7. Nitty Gritty
  8. Galley Slave
  9. Whole Lotta Things
  10. Soul City
  11. Banana Pudding
  12. 40 Miles to Vegas
  13. Firefly
  14. White Trash
  15. Shotgun
  16. Dance For Me
  17. Dirt Track Date

Bootleggers Choice was tracked and mixed by Rick and Mark Williams at the Kudzu Ranch in N.C. The old school letterpress artwork is printed on raw chipboard and was designed by Julie Belcher. The first 1000 LPs have a limited edition poster by Julie inside!

On another note we might have to change the lyrics in “Whole Lotta Things” after Hurricane Florence. The line “never had sex in a hurricane” may no longer apply to lots of us here in the Carolinas. Stay high, dry and wear your galoshes! Be safe!



[Jan 10, 2019]

Nice interview with Rick in "Do Savannah". He talks about the early days of the band, how fried chicken got into the show, "Camel Walk" being a surprise hit and Bootleggers Choice. Read the whole interview here: Fried Chicken Fun: Southern Culture on the Skids...


[Dec 11, 2018]

SCOTS' cover of "Merry Christmas Baby" made this list of "16 Of The Coolest, Most Underplayed Christmas Songs Ever" from The Federalist. Pretty cool company to be in. More here: 16 Of The Coolest, Most Underplayed Christmas Songs Ever.


[Dec 3, 2018]

Nice words from the Joe Bonamassa blog. Thanks folks! More here: Southern Culture On The Skids — Joe Bonamassa Blog.


[Oct 5, 2018]

SCOTS is "Artist Of The Day" on WYCE out of Grand Rapids, MI. Thanks folks! More here: Artist Of The Day: Southern Culture On The Skids.


[Jun 29, 2018]

A preview of SCOTS show at The Haunt in Ithaca NY: Southern Culture on the Skids takes The Haunt.


[Jun 21, 2018]

A preview of SCOTS show at Daryl's House in Pawling NY: SCOTS Will Deliver Its Surfin' Southern Fried Psychobilly To Daryl's House Sunday.


[Feb 14, 2018]

Hey Folks, nice interview with Rick in Connect Savannah weekly. He talks about inducting Hasil Adkins into the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame, Electric Pinecones, and new music in the works. Check it out! https://www.connectsavannah.com/savannah/get-cultured/Content?oid=7172816


[Jan 9, 2017]

Hey SCOTS fans, our album The Electric Pinecones was ranked #21 on the Roots Music Report's Top Rock Album Chart for 2016! We're in some pretty good company too — you can check it out here: http://www.rootsmusicreport.com/.

The band would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen! We're all looking forward to seeing everyone out on the road in 2017, check out our touring schedule. And if you haven't checked out The Electric Pinecones, it's available at SCOTS.com, Amazon, iTunes, and of course, your local record retailer!!

Happy New Year!

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